In the final stop on their four-city press tour, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather visited the SSE Arena at Wembley Stadium in London, England. The event had everything from verbal jabs to anti-gay slurs to one fan who snuck into the venue with a fake credential. 

In a video posted on Saturday, a guy who goes by Zac Alsop on YouTube detailed how he managed to create a fake credential, weave his way around security, and wind up right next to McGregor minutes before making his entrance. After finding a photo of the promoter credential on Instagram, Alsop went to work on constructing an identical copy, down to the lamination. 

With a suit on and the fake credentials around his neck, Alsop was able to sneak by security by sticking close to Mayweather's crew as they entered the arena. This incredibly brave and partially crazy guy had a couple close calls, including a run-in with UFC president Dana White on two separate occasions. 

Even though Alsop avoided any problems getting into SSE Arena, it did not mean he was in the clear. At one point, Alsop needed to remain calm as he pretended to be with Mayweather's photographers as they walked between some security flanked on either side of a narrow hallway. 

The journey was intense, but it was probably all worth it when he ended up standing alongside McGregor. Check out his heroic trek, and whatever you do, do not try this in your hometown. Leave it to...the professionals?

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