In 2022, the worlds of fashion and design are anything but diverse.
Macy’s is working to change that. The national retailer already stocks brands owned by creators from a variety of backgrounds, and works to grow and empower the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs, but knows there’s more to do. To increase industry diversity, Macy’s is also educating people, starting with its All For Building It videos. This year, All For Building It will see an inclusive mix of entrepreneurs dropping knowledge for other aspiring founders.

For Black History Month, Robin Wilson of A Blue Egg Corporation talks with Ashley D. about business and rest as a revolutionary act for Black women. But there’s more. Macy’s will also host discussions celebrating Women’s History Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and Pride Month. So stick around and learn something new about business contributing to diversity in fashion.

Hispanic History Month

September 2022

EPISODE 5: Tu Vida, Tu Estilo

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15, giving Americans everywhere a chance to celebrate the long history of Latino culture in the country. In anticipation, Macy’s connected Cindy Holland-Rodriguez and Andrea Rodriguez, the mother-daughter duo behind Caley Cosmetics, with journalist Jeanette Reyes for a chat about their company, the beauty industry, and living their lives as Latina business owners. Check out the clip to hear them discuss the importance of vibrant colors, their most popular products, and what it’s like to welcome a new family member to the business.

About Andrea Rodriguez & Cindy Holland-Rodriguez
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Portrait of rodriguez Wilson
FACT: Caley Cosmetics is cruelty-free and makes everything in-house to minimize its carbon footprint
FACT: Many Caley Cosmetics and skincare products are probiotic, using unique formulas that bring skin into equilibrium, cutting down on excess oil or helping to moisturize, depending on one’s skin type
FACT: Cindy Holland-Rodriguez and Andrea Rodriguez come from a long line of women working in the beauty industry
FACT: Caley Cosmetics loves to partner with other women in the beauty business, mentoring mostly Latinas and women of color
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LGBTQ Pride Heritage Month

June 2022


June is LGBTQ Pride month. To mark the occasion, Macy’s linked Rob Smith, founder and CEO of the Phluid Project, with pro skateboarder Kien Caples for a discussion about deconstructing the gender binary in fashion, what it means to open the world’s first gender-free store, and how his non-profit, The Phluid Phoundation, supports grassroots, BIPOC-led trans organizations around the country.

About Rob Smith
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Portrait of Rob Wilson
FACT: Smith launched The Phluid Project in 2018 to provide gender-neutral fashion to people worldwide
FACT: The Phluid Project helps the community by hosting educational panels at its store
FACT: Smith is a third generation Native American from the Ojibwa tribe, who founded The Phluid Project partly to honor Two Spirit leaders
FACT: Prior to founding the Phluid Project, Smith worked in retail for 30 year, holding executive roles at top fashion brands
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AAPI Heritage Month

May 2022

EPISODE 3: Moving with Purpose

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. To honor the occasion, Macy’s welcomed Ning Cheah, the founder and CEO of The Beauty Crop, to talk with actor, entrepreneur, and founder of the Moon Fiber LABS wig line, Edward Zo. Scope out the video here to get a look at the two business owners chatting about why representation matters, how Cheah’s mother inspired her own entrepreneurial streak, and why The Beauty Crop is working to elevate the makeup and skincare industry through environmentally friendly practices.

About Ning Cheah
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Portrait of Ning Cheah
FACT: Owner and founder, BEN ŎNI jewelry
FACT: Benoni is a Biblical name meaning 'Son of Sorrow'
FACT: Mission to highlight Black women in fashion  as creatives, business owners, models, and muses
FACT: To protect people with sensitive skin, BEN ŎNI jewelry features an allergy shield
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Women's History Month

March 2022


For Women’s History Month, Macy’s welcomes Ashley Newman, founder of BEN ŎNI jewelry, to talk shop with R&B sensation Serayah. Check the video out to see the duo discuss the meaning of sisterhood and Newman’s twofold mission to make exquisite jewelry, while highlighting Black women.

About Ashley Newman
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Portrait of Ashley Newman
FACT: Owner and founder, BEN ŎNI jewelry
FACT: Benoni is a Biblical name meaning 'Son of Sorrow'
FACT: Mission to highlight Black women in fashion  as creatives, business owners, models, and muses
FACT: To protect people with sensitive skin, BEN ŎNI jewelry features an allergy shield
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Black History Month

February 2022

Episode 1: Rest as a Revolutionary Act

To celebrate Black History Month, Robin Wilson, CEO of A Blue Egg Corporation, sits down with Atlanta-based home decor specialist Ashley D. to discuss eco-friendly design, hypoallergenic products, running her company, and the revolutionary power of rest. Watch the video interview below.

About Robin Wilson
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Portrait of Robin Wilson
FACT: Founder of A Blue Egg Corporation holistic family of brands
FACT: Licensing, textiles, home decor, furniture, hospitality, TV and publishing, and interior design
FACT: The first Black woman to create a hypoallergenic luxury lifestyle brand
FACT: Named one of the Top 100 Female Founders by industry media
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