Pigeons & Planes'

What Had Happened Was

Season 1

July 12, 2017

Mike Will, Rae Sremmurd, and the Making of Beyoncé's "Formation" | What Had Happened Was

The process was like gumbo." Mike Will pulled from some unlikely places to make the blueprint for what would become Beyoncé's smash hit "Formation." In the premiere episode of 'What Had Happened Was,' the iconic Atlanta beatmaker details how Rae Sremmurd, Jay Z, and LeBron James played a part in making one of the biggest songs of 2016.


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What Had Happened Was
The stories you have to see to believe. Your favorite artists tell the story of a funny, unique, or pivotal moment in their career, and we animate it. Discover how Beyonce's "Formation" was born, when N.W.A. got booed offstage, and much more.