Season 3

February 21, 2023

The Outer Banks Cast Breaks Down Their Favorite Snacks | Snacked

Outer Banks has been a breakout hit on Netflix, entering its third season on February 23. But when the stars of Outer Banks aren't busy searching for buried treasure, they're snacking on some of their favorite treats. Are Flamin' Hot Cheetos actually spicy? Do Uncrustables need to be further uncrusted? Is root beer even a snack? Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Carlacia Grant, Austin North, Jonathan Daviss, and Drew Starkey weigh in on these important debates—and more!—on an all-new episode of Snacked.


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Snacks are one of the world’s most democratic food groups. Packaged, portable, and inexpensive, snacks enjoy countless permutations across cities, states, and countries. In this brand new series from First We Feast, celebrities stop by the FWF studio to break down a batch of snacks that are near and dear to their hearts.