First We Feast's


Season 5

February 28, 2023

Jay Park Breaks Down His Favorite Snacks | Snacked

Jay Park is a singer, rapper, and entrepreneur based out of South Korea. But when Jay isn’t busy running record labels, or repping his new Won Soju brand, he’s snacking on treats he fell in love with between his childhood in Seattle, Washington, and his current home in Seoul. From the cross-cultural appeal of Sour Patch Watermelon, to the ab muscle-producing properties found in a bowl of South Korean cereal, Jay breaks down the dos and don’ts of snacking like an international rap star.


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Snacks are one of the world’s most democratic food groups. Packaged, portable, and inexpensive, snacks enjoy countless permutations across cities, states, and countries. In this brand new series from First We Feast, celebrities stop by the FWF studio to break down a batch of snacks that are near and dear to their hearts.