First We Feast's


Season 5

September 20, 2022

Bobby Shmurda Breaks Down His Favorite Snacks | Snacked

Bobby Shmurda is one of hip-hop's most charismatic emcees. But when the Brooklyn rapper isn't busy dropping new music, he's experiencing pure bliss while snacking on an assortment of classic treats from his childhood. From the Lorna Doone cookies he survived on in juvenile hall, to the Nacho Cheese Doritos he ate on the streets of East Flatbush, these are the snacks that made Bobby the man he is today.


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Snacks are one of the world’s most democratic food groups. Packaged, portable, and inexpensive, snacks enjoy countless permutations across cities, states, and countries. In this brand new series from First We Feast, celebrities stop by the FWF studio to break down a batch of snacks that are near and dear to their hearts.

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