First We Feast's


Season 5

March 07, 2023

Adam Richman Breaks Down His Favorite Snacks | Snacked

Adam Richman is a television trailblazer, best known for his work on shows like Man v. Food, Modern Marvels, and The Food That Built America (currently in its fourth season on the History Channel). But when Adam isn't putting his stomach to the test for our viewing pleasure, he's snacking on an awe-inspiring selection of candies, chips, and cookies from around the globe. From the joys of devouring a bag of pork-free, Filipino chicharron, to the secret techniques used to create Entenmann's legendary chocolate chip cookies, Adam breaks down the dos and don'ts for snacking like a food-TV icon.


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Snacks are one of the world’s most democratic food groups. Packaged, portable, and inexpensive, snacks enjoy countless permutations across cities, states, and countries. In this brand new series from First We Feast, celebrities stop by the FWF studio to break down a batch of snacks that are near and dear to their hearts.