First We Feast's

Sean Tells a Story

Season 1

May 13, 2020

THE RAID | Sean Tells a Story

What's up, spicelords? We're hard at work on firing up a brand-new season of Hot Ones in these unprecedented times, but in the meantime, Sean is keeping his promise and will not leave you hanging! For the next four weeks, we bring you a limited series, "Sean Tells a Story." These "fireside chats" will help you get to know our Hot Ones hero a little bit more as he opens the vault on some of the greatest anecdotes from his younger years. First up: "The Raid," a thrilling tale of the time a SWAT team swarmed his college apartment. Plus, a foreign film recommendation! 


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Sean Tells a Story
In this limited series from the Hot Ones team, host Sean Evans gives the fans exactly what they’ve been asking for: more Sean Evans! Throughout each episode, Sean will tell his most entertaining tales from before he was famous—from his first kiss, to a spooky ghost story, to the time his college dorm got raided by a SWAT team. These hilarious yarns will be augmented with animated elements to make them as engaging and colorful as possible.