First We Feast's

Sean In The Wild

Season 2

March 30, 2018

Andrew W.K. and Sean Evans Recreate Pizza Hut Classics | Sean in the Wild

Sean Evans teams up with party legend Andrew W.K. and "pizza czar" Anthony Falco for a very special mission: Is it possible to recreate Pizza Hut's most iconic menu items at home? From stuffed-crust pizza to the chain's legendary pan pie, our heroes learn how to make a couple of pizza-party classics without calling up the delivery guy. Then, as an ode to some of the chain's wild, international pizza offerings, Falco unveils a chorizo-topped taco pie with "nacho-bite" crust. Made with butter-filled dough and heaps of melted mozzarella, these throwback menu items open a portal to the pizza-party heydays of 1995. Will Andrew and Sean quit their day jobs to become fast-food pizzaiolos, or ruin their next dinner with some lack-luster cheesy crust? Watch an all new, nostalgia-packed episode of SITW and find out. And for those watching at home without a slice in hand, take comfort in the wise words of Andrew W.K.: "Every party is a pizza party, even if there isn't pizza there." Special thank you to Fortina Pizza in Dekalb Market Hall:


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Sean in The Wild
Watch Hot Ones host, Sean Evans, experience the diverse culinary world outside of the spicy wings challenge. From eating bugs to traversing through London for the best burger, catch Sean tasting the food you love as well as the food you question.
  • Seasons: 2

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