August 08, 2017

5-Ingredient Stoner Snacks with Brothers Green Eats | Sean in the Wild

The midnight munchies are a difficult meal for home cooks to master. Armed with an empty fridge and some old Cup Noodles, late-night gourmands aim to turn leftover table scraps into stoner-approved delicacies. Luckily, Mike and Josh Greenfield—otherwise known as Brothers Green Eats—are here to help Sean Evans take his munchie-making game to the next level. Using just five ingredients for every recipe, these culinary MacGyvers teach Sean how to upgrade dishes like French toast.


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Sean in The Wild
Watch Hot Ones host, Sean Evans, experience the diverse culinary world outside of the spicy wings challenge. From eating bugs to traversing through London for the best burger, catch Sean tasting the food you love as well as the food you question.
  • Seasons: 2