First We Feast's

Pizza Wars

Season 2

November 29, 2021

Binging with Babish Takes on the Pineapple Pizza Challenge | Pizza Wars

In the food world, no topic is more controversial than pineapple pizza. But today, Andrew Rea—a.k.a. Binging with Babish—returns to Pizza Wars to do the impossible: Create a fruit-topped pizza so delicious it silences all of the haters (even himself). But will Andrew's al pastor-inspired "taco-pizza" be enough to beat out Nicole's pickled pineapple and Philly cheesesteak-smothered pie? Frank Pinello and Josephine Giordano must risk their reputations as "pizza purists" in order to judge this event and crown a winner.


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Pizza Wars
Nicole Russell is on a mission to become New York City’s next master pizza chef. As the visionary behind Last Dragon Pizza in Rockaway, Queens, Russell has been hailed as one of the most unique and innovative pizzaiolos working in the five boroughs. But does she have what it takes to defeat the battle-tested bosses of NYC’s pizza world and finally claim the crown as her own?