First We Feast's

Pizza Wars

Season 4

October 26, 2022

Can Pro Chefs Make Frozen Pizza Gourmet? | Pizza Wars

We all have a special place in our hearts for frozen pizza. On this episode of Pizza Wars, host Nicole Russell faces off against James Beard Award-winning chef JJ Johnson to see who can take their favorite frozen pie to new heights by using better ingredients. Will late-night host Amber Ruffin and pizza expert Scott Wiener appreciate Nicole's guanciale-packed breakfast pizza, or will the judges fall in love with JJ's lobster-and-crab-covered seafood slices? Watch an all-new episode of Pizza Wars and find out! Presented by Ooni Pizza Ovens:


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Pizza Wars
Nicole Russell is on a mission to become New York City’s next master pizza chef. As the visionary behind Last Dragon Pizza in Rockaway, Queens, Russell has been hailed as one of the most unique and innovative pizzaiolos working in the five boroughs. But does she have what it takes to defeat the battle-tested bosses of NYC’s pizza world and finally claim the crown as her own?