Out of Bounds

Season 1

March 28, 2018

Will An NBA Team Actually Draft LiAngelo Ball?; Johnny Manziel Headed to CFL? | Out of Bounds

On today's episode, Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds boys get started by analyzing Albert Belle's pee technique, from pulling his pants down halfway, to shielding himself with his car door and potentially splattering both the vehicle and his shoes. Then, with LiAngelo Ball making himself available for the NBA Draft, the team takes a critical look at the middle Ball son's skill set, what he's done in Lithuania, and where he fits in the world of pro ball. Plus, Gil has a conspiracy theory — or maybe just facts — about the 71 points Gelo scored yesterday in Lithuania, timed to his draft announcement.... In "The Pull Up," OOB offers career advice to Johnny Manziel, who says he'll play in the Canadian football League if no NFL teams are interested in him. While much has been made of Manziel's newfound maturity and efforts to deal with his personal demons, Gil has some reservations about "Johnny Football" and the NFL in general. Next, in "Fair or Foul?", the crew weighs in on Vikings coach Mike Zimmer talking publicly about the health of his former QB Teddy Bridgewater, who's now with the Jets and trying to stick with the team. Is he messing with his ex player's money by answering the media's questions? To close things out, Gil and the gang respond to Steelers coach Mike Tomlin saying that TD celebrations are "not a good look." Maybe the bad look is just coaches opening their damn mouths too much....


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Out of Bounds
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