Out of Bounds

Season 1

April 30, 2018

Russell Westbrook Needs Help; James Harden Keeps Cooking; Is LeBron Burnt? | Out of Bounds

On this episode of #OutofBounds, Gilbert Arenas and the crew decide if LeBron can continue to carry Cleveland in the playoffs. While the Cavs survived a seventh game against the Pacers, will King James get enough support from his supporting cast to take out the top seeded Raptors in the next round?  Meanwhile, James Harden, Chris Paul and the Rockets were firing on all cylinders, and look to be no match for the undermanned Jazz.  So was the series against the Thunder the peak of Utah's season?  As for the Thunder, they went all in to add Paul George and Carmelo Anthony.  The move proved to be a bust as they were bounced in the first round.  The guys figure out what the future holds for Russell Westbrook, Melo and PG in OKC. Another highlight of the weekend was the NFL Draft in Dallas.  From surprising selections by the Cleveland Browns to a sentimental choice uniting the Griffin brothers in Seattle, the crew picks their big winners, best moments and even a look ahead to the early bets for next season in the NFL.


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Out of Bounds
“Out of Bounds” brings the comments section to life. Nothing is off limits on The World’s Most Dangerous Sports Show, hosted daily by former NBA star Gilbert Arenas alongside Complex's own Adam Caparell and Pierce Simpson.