Out of Bounds

May 01, 2018

Greg Jennings on Dez Bryant's Future; Top 5 NBA Rivalries; Celtics Blow Out Sixers | Out of Bounds

On this special 100th episode of #OutofBounds, Gilbert Arenas and the crew share the table with two-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl XLV champion, and Fox Sports analyst Greg Jennings to discuss how impressive it was for the injury-depleted Celtics to blow out the Sixers in Game 1 of their semifinal series. What does Philly need to do to turn things around in Game 2? With the start of a new chapter in the historic rivalry between Boston and Philadelphia, the panel runs down their Top 5 NBA Rivalries of All Time. Lakers-Celtics is obvious, but some of the picks will surprise you.  Looking ahead to tonight's playoff games, OOB asks if a "burnt" LeBron James will have anything left in his tank when the Raptors host his Cavs. On the flip side, how does Toronto win the series and avoid being knocked out by Cleveland for a third straight year? And, after the Warriors blew the Pelicans out in Game 1, will Steph Curry's return from a knee sprain after 15 games help or hurt the rolling Dubs? After the Cowboys released him — he he turned down a multi-year deal in search of a one-year deal to prove his worth — wide receiver Dez Bryant remains unsigned. Greg picks the team he thinks Dez should go to, and he and Gil debate the merits of betting on yourself when you risk losing money. Finally, with several recent sports news stories focusing on athletes' motivation, hustle, and competitiveness, Gil and Greg explain how you can measure those attributes in players, as well as what personally drove them to greatness. Plus, they reveal the most competitive players they played against and how those guys tried to get in their heads.


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Out of Bounds
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