First We Feast's

Hungry For More

Season 1

November 24, 2021

How Three Nurses Are Bringing Filipino Comfort Food to Their Community | Hungry For More

Bilao, a restaurant that opened in the height of the pandemic in Manhattan, was started by 3 Filipino nurses who worked at a nearby hospital. After working a night shift - nurses Jude Canela, Maricris Dinopol, and Joan Calanog left the hospital craving a taste of their homeland in the Philippines. Bilao serves up the ultimate Filipino comfort food such as Tocilog - a breakfast dish made up of garlic rice, fried eggs, tomatoes, and cured pork. With no local options to feed their craving - the 3 chose to open Bilao and in the process, feed the local community of healthcare and frontline workers.


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Hungry For More
In our brand new First We Feast documentary series, Hungry for More, we will chronicle the redemptive stories of chefs, home cooks, and entrepreneurs who represent the new vanguard of the food world—hustlers who have carved out their own special lanes and rebelled against the status quo - all while bringing comfort to their communities and beyond. From the Birria MVP of Brooklyn, to the Bronx native trying to take chopped cheese nationwide, and the home cooks turned restaurateurs bringing plant based cuisine to their block in Flatbush - these stories are testaments to how comfort and success sometimes come from the unlikeliest of places.