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Hungry For More

September 28, 2022

Why Back of House Workers Are The Backbone of Restaurants

The food industry would not exist without immigrant Back of House restaurant workers. From line cooks to dishwashers - they play a crucial role in any satisfying restaurant experience. However, even though they are considered essential, they are often excluded and ineligible to receive any government aid or support due to their citizenship status. In this episode of Hungry for More, we highlight the Los Angeles organization No Us Without You. Started by founders Damian Diaz and Othón Nolasco, their mission is to provide aid and food security to the undocumented workers fulfilling thankless roles in the hospitality community. We hear first hand from the back of house workers working to support their families, and restaurants like Casa Vega, cultivating a positive work environment for generations of their hard-working immigrant staff.


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Hungry For More
In our brand new First We Feast documentary series, Hungry for More, we will chronicle the redemptive stories of chefs, home cooks, and entrepreneurs who represent the new vanguard of the food world—hustlers who have carved out their own special lanes and rebelled against the status quo - all while bringing comfort to their communities and beyond. From the Birria MVP of Brooklyn, to the Bronx native trying to take chopped cheese nationwide, and the home cooks turned restaurateurs bringing plant based cuisine to their block in Flatbush - these stories are testaments to how comfort and success sometimes come from the unlikeliest of places.