First We Feast's

Heat Eaters

Season 1

July 10, 2023

Esther Choi’s SPICY Korean Food Crawl - Chicken Feet, Crab, & INSANE Ktown Challenge | Heat Eaters

In the premiere episode of Heat Eaters, chef Esther Choi goes on a SPICY Korean food crawl in L.A.'s legendary Koreatown, in search of the most delicious and tongue-sizzling delicacies. For Esther, Ktown in L.A. is ground zero for the best Korean food in the country, and she's on a mission to share her favorite spots. From spicy-laced dakbal chicken feet at Hanshin Pocha, to succulent yangnyeom-gejang fermented raw crab at Soban, to an INSANE adrenaline-infused Ktown tteokbokki challenge that uses a Scoville chart-topping spice blend at Yupdduk, Esther and her pals will experience the spiciest dishes Koreatown has to offer. Tune in to learn about why spicy challenges are a beloved form of communal suffering, what makes raw fermented crab so craveable, and why eating chicken feet is the ultimate litmus test for a romantic partner. This is HEAT EATERS.


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Heat Eaters
HOT ONES ™ presents Heat Eaters – a spicy and educational culinary adventure that digs deeper into the Hot Ones ™ universe. With our host, Chef Esther Choi, the series will thread the needle between Spice Lords seeking Scoville thrills and foodies wanting to learn about the culinary aspect of spice and hot sauce. Taking viewers outside of the Hot Ones ™ studio and into the streets, Heat Eaters will explore the world of spice and embrace the stripped-down, fun, anything-goes nature of documenting real eating adventures. Heat Eaters premieres July 10th on YouTube.