First We Feast's

Heat Eaters

Season 1

July 31, 2023

SPICY Mexican Food Tour! Backyard Tacos + LUXE Seafood | Heat Eaters

Get ready for the SPICIEST Mexican food tour! In this episode of Heat Eaters, Esther Choi teams up with acclaimed taco scholar Bill Esparza for a tongue-sizzling journey in Los Angeles, unearthing the vibrant, chili-infused cuisines of Sinaloa, Oaxaca, and the Yucatan regions of Mexico. First stop is Del Mar Ostioneria, an unassuming food truck that serves incredible chili-laced aguachiles and ceviche from Sinaloa, with top-quality marsicos that you'd expect to find at Nobu. Next, they meet up with the Oaxacan Queen herself, Bricia Lopez, to try a rare, hyper-regional spicy mole from Candelaria Lopez, who drove from Santa Maria Valley to whip up a special feast. To cap it all off, Esther and Bill head to a backyard taco pop-up, Ek Balam, to sample spicy cochinita pibil tacos and — as is customary in the Yucatan — chase them down with raw habaneros! Mexican cuisine has over 60 varieties of fresh and dried chilies, and Bill's deep-dive into the history will make you appreciate how these fiery jewels have influenced one of the world's greatest cuisines. Now, let's dig in!


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Heat Eaters
HOT ONES ™ presents Heat Eaters – a spicy and educational culinary adventure that digs deeper into the Hot Ones ™ universe. With our host, Chef Esther Choi, the series will thread the needle between Spice Lords seeking Scoville thrills and foodies wanting to learn about the culinary aspect of spice and hot sauce. Taking viewers outside of the Hot Ones ™ studio and into the streets, Heat Eaters will explore the world of spice and embrace the stripped-down, fun, anything-goes nature of documenting real eating adventures. Heat Eaters premieres July 10th on YouTube.