First We Feast's

Heat Eaters

Season 1

July 17, 2023

Bobby Flay Eats FIERY Hot Pot + Spicy Street Food & Chinese Noodle Tutorial! | Heat Eaters

In the second episode of Heat Eaters, chef Esther Choi does a deep dive into SPICY CHINESE FOOD to explore tingly hand-ripped noodles, powerful street-food lamb skewers, and classic hot pot with Bobby Flay. Esther visits Flushing Queens to satisfy her craving for mala spice, a numbing and spicy seasoning made from Sichuan peppercorns and chili peppers. Her journey begins at Xi'an Famous Foods with friend and restaurant owner Jason Wang, where they engage in a hand-ripped biang biang noodle-making tutorial and sample their most fiery dishes, including the spicy and tingly beef noodles. Afterward, Esther and Jason visit Jue Wei BBQ, a Chinese street food cart, to try mala-spiced lamb skewers. Lastly, Chef Esther teams up with her good friend and mentor, Bobby Flay, to relish in the heat of Chengdu style hot pot at Xiang Hot Pot Restaurant. Can Bobby beat the heat? Tune in to marvel at the art of Chinese noodle making; learn about why tiny lamb skewers pack a powerful punch; and discover why taking your time to eat hot pot can lead to a tastier experience.


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Heat Eaters
HOT ONES ™ presents Heat Eaters – a spicy and educational culinary adventure that digs deeper into the Hot Ones ™ universe. With our host, Chef Esther Choi, the series will thread the needle between Spice Lords seeking Scoville thrills and foodies wanting to learn about the culinary aspect of spice and hot sauce. Taking viewers outside of the Hot Ones ™ studio and into the streets, Heat Eaters will explore the world of spice and embrace the stripped-down, fun, anything-goes nature of documenting real eating adventures. Heat Eaters premieres July 10th on YouTube.