First We Feast's

Heat Eaters

Season 1

August 07, 2023

What is 'THAI SPICY?' Massive Thai FEAST + Molly Baz Thai Taco Taste-Test! | Heat Eaters

Prepare your taste buds for a tantalizing THAI SPICY journey! On this fiery episode of Heat Eaters, our host, Chef Esther Choi, joins forces with her friend and renowned James Beard award-winning Chef, Justin Pichetrungsi. Their mission? To create spicy Thai Tacos for Justin's Thai Taco Tuesday event at his restaurant, Anajak Thai. Their culinary adventure kicks off with a visit to the Northern Thai Food Club in Los Angeles, where they seek flavor inspiration. From fermented crab papaya salad to sai oua, a flavorful herb-infused pork sausage, and spicy chili dips like nam prik num and nam prik ong, this sensory exploration aims to stoke the fires of inspiration for their tacos. Next, they visit Silom Supermarket in the heart of LA’s Thai Town, sourcing fresh and unique ingredients intended to infuse their tacos with bursts of flavors. They even secure a marinade paste crafted with Maeng Da, or giant water bugs, a regional delicacy in Thailand that could just be the ingredient of the year. Then, in a culinary showdown reminiscent of an Iron Chef battle, our grand finale sees Chefs Esther and Justin going head to head at Anajak Thai - each crafting their version of a spicy Thai taco. The challenge? To impress the discerning palates of their esteemed guests and judges, Chefs Jet Tila, Molly Baz, and Vanessa Lavorato. Will they withstand the heat? Tune in to see who earns the coveted bragging rights for creating the best spicy Thai taco, and embark on a THAI SPICY adventure packed with sizzling Thai flavors.


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Heat Eaters
HOT ONES ™ presents Heat Eaters – a spicy and educational culinary adventure that digs deeper into the Hot Ones ™ universe. With our host, Chef Esther Choi, the series will thread the needle between Spice Lords seeking Scoville thrills and foodies wanting to learn about the culinary aspect of spice and hot sauce. Taking viewers outside of the Hot Ones ™ studio and into the streets, Heat Eaters will explore the world of spice and embrace the stripped-down, fun, anything-goes nature of documenting real eating adventures. Heat Eaters premieres July 10th on YouTube.