First We Feast's

Heat Eaters

Season 1

July 03, 2023

Esther Choi's Ultimate Spicy Food Adventure is Coming! | Heat Eaters

From the team that brought you Hot Ones comes HEAT EATERS, the ultimate spicy food adventure where our host, chef Esther Choi, hits the streets to eat her way through the world's spiciest cuisines. From sinus-clearing Sichuan hotpot with legendary chef Bobby Flay, to fiery Caribbean feasts with Chef P of Ghetto Gastro, Esther taps into her spice-fueled obsessions to learn as much as she can about the chili pepper. And that's just the start. Get ready for a Korean food crawl tasting chicken feet and fermented crabs; learn about palette-scorching habanero salsas from the Yucatan and rare Oaxacan moles with a taco scholar; feel the competitive heat of a spicy Thai Taco throwdown at Anajak Thai; and brace yourself for the FIRST-EVER behind-the-scenes studio tour of the making of Hot Ones. If Hot Ones captivated fans by blending hot wings and even hotter questions, Heat Eaters is here to take you out of the studio and explore what makes spicy food so delicious. Whether you're a Spice Lord chasing Scoville thrills, or wanting to dive deeper into spicy global cuisines, this epic gastronomic travelogue is sure to satisfy your hunger for knowledge and fire up your palette. Tune in Monday 7/10 at 1pm ET for the season premiere!


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Heat Eaters
HOT ONES ™ presents Heat Eaters – a spicy and educational culinary adventure that digs deeper into the Hot Ones ™ universe. With our host, Chef Esther Choi, the series will thread the needle between Spice Lords seeking Scoville thrills and foodies wanting to learn about the culinary aspect of spice and hot sauce. Taking viewers outside of the Hot Ones ™ studio and into the streets, Heat Eaters will explore the world of spice and embrace the stripped-down, fun, anything-goes nature of documenting real eating adventures. Heat Eaters premieres July 10th on YouTube.