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Food Grails

May 24, 2017

Why the Jamaican Beef Patty Is an NYC Icon | Food Grails

In episode 2, Miss Info investigates how the Jamaican beef patty became a NYC icon. As the flaky meat turnover has infiltrated all aspects of city life—found in mom-and-pop bakeries, bodegas, pizza shops, and even street carts—the patty itself has inspired fierce debate. Because if you think a patty is a patty is a patty...well, you're dead wrong. From heated conversations with DJ Clark Kent, to philosophical musings, here are what New Yorkers really have to say about the beef patty.


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Food Grails
Food Grails host Miss Info travelled the world as a music journalist and saw the power of artists who rep for their hometown sound. Now she wants to discover how foods define a city’s flavor—from D.C.’s mumbo sauce to NYC’s beef patties.