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Feast Mansion
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating 88rising's Head in the Clouds album and getting ready for their upcoming tour by partying in the Hollywood Hills. There's only one problem: Who's going to bring all the food? In "Feast Mansion," Brian and Joji are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary. Whether they're getting roasted by French omelette master Ludo Lefebvre, or learning how to grill rattlesnake and bulls testicles out by the pool, the 88rising label labelmates can't wait to put their cooking skills to the test. The result is a gonzo, no-holds-barred take on a stand-and-stir cooking show, combining DIY Asian feasts with the energy of a rap video. Will Joji and Brian throw a summer blowout for the history books, or burn the kitchen down? Watch Season 1 and 2 of Feast Mansion and find out.
  • Seasons: 2