First We Feast's


Season 1

July 29, 2020

Keith From the Try Guys and Mike Chen Eat Everything From an Ice Cream Truck | Coneheads

Keith Habersberger is a legend when it comes to eating on the Internet. You've seen Keith stuff himself silly on his series Eat The Menu, but for the first time ever the Try Guys' resident taste-tester is teaming up with his friend Mike Chen to sample all of the classic ice cream truck treats he can get his hands on. From childhood favorites like Bomb Pops and Choco Tacos, to demonic-looking Powerpuff Girls and googly-eyed Sonic the Hedgehogs, Keith and Mike are embarking on a delicious, frozen journey down memory lane. 


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You've seen Mike Chen eat his way around the world on his channel Strictly Dumpling. But for the first time ever the globetrotting glutton will host a brand new show on First We Feast all about ice cream. "Coneheads" is a deep-dive into the wide, wondrous world of frozen desserts. From an ice cream truck taste test with Keith Habersberger, to an epic sundae battle with Mythical Chef Josh and Alex French Guy Cooking, Mike is eating every frozen treat he can get his hands on (even an ice cream burrito courtesy of Inga Lam). The ultimate ice cream adventure begins now and Mike can't wait to eat with all of you. Tune in Wednesdays at 11 AM EST.