Complex Closets

Season 12

January 29, 2021

Lil Yachty Returns to Show Off One Of The World's Best Sneaker Collections On Part 1 Of Complex Closets

Lil Yachty returns to Complex Closets to give Joe La Puma a tour of his new house and sneaker closet, where he shows off vintage Nike sneakers, his favorite New Balance collaborations, rare Air Force 1s, and more.


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Complex Closets
Go inside the most exclusive sneaker collections in the world on "Complex Closets," with host Joe La Puma. Superstars like Nick Cannon, DJ Khaled, and Lil Yachty take viewers on a tour of their homes, breaking down their history with the rare and sentimental shoes they've accrued over the years. These icons reveal, through their anecdotes, the sizable cultural significance of their hunt for sneakers that set them apart. "Complex Closets" is a companion to the award-winning series "Sneaker Shopping," which counts fans and views in the millions.