First We Feast's

Burger Scholar Sessions

January 05, 2024

How a Burger Scholar Built the Perfect Hamburger Restaurant

After decades of writing books, making films, and starring in his own shows, America's foremost Burger Scholar, George Motz, has used his vast knowledge to build the ideal hamburger restaurant in NYC. Drawing influence from hundreds of burger joints across the country, Hamburger America is a living piece of history and the ultimate love letter to the regional American hamburger. In this documentary, you'll learn how Motz built his dream restaurant from the ground up, and more importantly, the inspiring origin story of George, a.k.a. YouTube's National Treasure.


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Burger Scholar Sessions
In First We Feast's new series "Burger Scholar Sessions", Burger Scholar George Motz teaches you everything you need to know about cooking regional hamburgers. George has eaten thousands of burgers in the last 18 years of research, and now he's on a mission to share his knowledge of method. From the Texas smoked burger, to the Mississippi slugburger, to the Tennessee deep-fried burger, hamburger history is alive and well in George Motz's kitchen. Here is your ultimate master class on regional hamburgers.