The Worst Fashion Trends of 2020

Let's face it, far worse things happened last year than fashion trends. With that said, there were some terrible ones. 

From clogs to belly chains, here are the outfit choices we'll be leaving in 2020. 

Belly Chains

For the past few seasons, the belly chain trend has been making a major comeback. While a layered moment is arguably cute, like this Chanel Cruise 21 look, the impracticality means it likely won't last long. A similar one is also available on Amazon


These wooden-based shoes have been popping up everywhere lately, including these mid-heel clogs at Shopbop.

Boob Scarf Holders

This crossover scarf trend should have stayed in the '90s with Christina Aguilera. 

Clog Crocs

These clog croc hybrids are something we didn't know we needed. And we don't. 

Utility Vests

We're all for layers but utility vests are a layer we could definitely take off.  

Single Earrings

Mixing and matching earrings can be a fun way to accessorize, but the single earring trend is responsible for some lopsided looks, and for that, we can only hope this year will be it's last. 

One-Leg Catsuits

We're not sure entirely the purpose of these, but here's hoping that the look isn't here to stay. If you're looking to join the bizarre trend, there's one available on Amazon. 

Neon Suit Set

Neon is a hard look to pull of, and these neon suit sets show sometimes it's not worth attempting. 

Padded Headbands

While very Blair Waldorf-esque, there's no need for padded headbands off the Met Gala steps. If you're looking for one, however, there's a selection available on Amazon