One of the most exciting elements of any Virgil Abloh show for Louis Vuitton is the set design. During Abloh’s time at Louis Vuitton, he took us to his own interpretations of the Yellow Brick Road, Manhattan’s graffiti-covered Lower East Side, a festive carnival, and more. Since his third Spring/Summer 2020 presentation, the Los Angeles-based creative studio Playlab Inc. has created his set designs. Once again, Playlab did not miss a beat when creating the mesmerizing set for Abloh’s final show. Dubbed the “Dreamhouse,” the set was particularly dynamic. Models effortlessly fell and bounced back on to a set of M.C. Escher-esque stairs with so much ease that it looked like a magic trick. An orchestra played a soundtrack composed by Tyler, The Creator on a long dining table with elongated chairs that first appeared in Abloh’s “Amen Break” show last season. There was an open bedroom with chairs that collapsed like vintage thumb puppet toys and the roof of a house was submerged into the ground with a smoking chimney. It was a surreal set and elements of previous Louis Vuitton shows, particularly Abloh’s Fall/Winter 2020 show, were clearly referenced. Abloh’s final runway set for Louis Vuitton was a stunning dream to get lost in and gave his final designs the send off they truly deserved. —Lei Takanashi