UPRISERS, a community-driven streetwear brand that aims to root its aesthetic in the stories of the underrepresented, is bringing an exclusive capsule to Complex SHOP.

The Asian American women-owned brand is known for making “streetwear with a purpose” and has previously fueled prominent awareness campaigns including #SomebodysBeloved, #MagandangMorenx, and #HATEISAVIRUS. The latter, notably, first started in March 2020 as a response to the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and has since grown into a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

“As early as I could remember, I knew what I wanted and didn’t shy away from opportunities to share it,” Michelle K. Hanabusa, founder and creative director of UPRISERS, says. “Fourteen years of competitive figure skating and one focused mission to participate at the Olympics was taken after a career ending injury. My dream and avenue to share who I was with the world disappeared. I spent my early 20’s searching for my identity. 2016 was the start of that journey of self-discovery. After a nationwide social campaign that celebrated diverse voices and backgrounds and curated over 3 million impressions in one day, it was an eye opening display of multiculturalism. This was the beginning of UPRISERS.”

Photograph of Angela EunSung Kim

The brand defines an “UPRISER” as someone who actively participates in doing something “bigger than yourself,” with special emphasis placed on how the events of 2020 have shown everyone just how much work is still left to do. Notably, Saul Lopez—a core member of the UPRISERS family—is the photographer behind an iconic photo of Kendrick Lamar at a protest in Los Angeles. Previously, UPRISERS has partnered with PacSun.

Photography by Leo Youlagi
Photograph of Laci Jordan
Photograph of Catherine Pham

The UPRISERS.World collection “Roots,” coming to Complex SHOP on April 19, is designed to inspire individuals to explore their own unique personal identity. Included in the capsule is a T-shirt, a matching fleece set, and a bandana. 

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