OK, I have to talk about jewelry. I know you work with Alex Moss. I love the pearl Fleur belt. That was amazing. Are you drawing your pieces out?
Man. No, dude. Oh, fuck. No, dude. No one talks about my pearl belt and that shit is so fucking hard. It’s so ill. Um, but yeah, I drew all those up. It’s, like, a page in my book—the pearl belt, the bellboy necklace, and a few other items. And working with Alex is fun because that guy is like a young kid. He’s not like a seasoned vet who has an ego and is not hands-on anymore and just gives it to the other guys to do it. Like, he cares and he’s very meticulous. And he’ll call me about some dumbass detail that doesn’t matter, but I appreciate it. ’Cause it’s like, oh, you actually give a fuck about the craftsmanship. And that’s something that I think is missing in a lot right now: people that care. We spent time putting out the lyric pages on Twitter that no one probably gives a fuck about, but I wanted it to look good. 

I want the coloring of every video to be on point. I want every jewelry piece to be on point. I want every shirt I wear to be on point. So to find someone in their own world that cares about their craftsmanship as much as Alex does is ill. And he’s never done nothing like that pearl belt. So to see him want to take on the challenge, it was like, OK, we’re going to have a long-lasting relationship because you give a fuck and I give a fuck and the sky is the limit. Just don’t fuck me over with these prices.

And I see you are wearing the Cartier Crash watch. It’s gorgeous. Are you just getting into collecting watches?
So I’ve always, like, since Day 1, loved jewelry, chains, rings, little knickknacks. I used to have like this kitty-cat key chain iced out. But I never got into watches because my reference point was only, like, ugly-ass Richard Milles, bulky-ass APs, a fucking regular, basic-ass Rolex. So I was like no, I don’t really like watches. I’ll stick to my $20 Casio because I could just wear it all the time. It’s lightweight. And some time back, I came across this random Cartier watch that had this baby blue strap. And I was like, yo, that thing’s kinda like nice. Like, oh, well, I didn’t know much about Cartiers. I thought they only made, like, that Santos watch that looked big as fuck. Then I just started researching more and I was like, oh, I’m into all of these vintage Cartiers because of the size. They are light, they are small, and some of them have these very spectacular shapes when they were experimenting. So I have, like, five of those in a green alligator strap and they have the numbers. They’re, like, Aerial bold, but it’s, like, three different papers on top of each other. And it has, like, this lapis… It’s crazy. I’m really into those. Um, didn’t think I would be a watch guy, but you know, my reference plan at the time was only what certain rappers were wearing. But now that I have a better gauge, man, I’m really into it.

Let’s just talk about the Converse commercial you just released. What’s going on with that partnership? 
With the commercial, I noticed everyone’s doing this, like, we hear you, inclusive, your gender to sell the shoe and having somebody random just talk about why they wear the shoe. And I’m like, yeah, but, like, no one really gives a fuck. With Converse everyone wears the Chuck. Gangbangers, moms, skateboarders, baseball players, old men, 3-year-olds. Everyone wears Chucks, bro. So I was like, I need to put everyone from these demographics under one roof. And that’s why you got, like, a Henry Rollins,  who was fucking doing front flips in front of people with a guitar. And you got fucking Vince Staples. And you just have all these random people whose common thread is that they wear Chuck Taylors. So let’s put them all under one roof, but I just don’t want them standing there and just say, “Oh, that’s a cameo.” I was like, no, no, no, no. Let’s try some narratives. So I got with my boy Lionel Boyce, who I’ve done, like, Loiter Squad and Jellies and all types of stuff. I was like, yo, let’s write something that makes no fucking sense that makes us laugh, but has a narrative to why everyone is in that room. So, man, we did that, shot it, filmed it. It was hilarious and an amazing commercial. Converse let me do whatever I wanted. I love them for that, but it all has an intended purpose. And I think it was fun to do a commercial that I couldn’t rely on cool music or a verse if it sucked. Or I couldn’t rely on someone’s heartfelt, warm story to say if it’s good or not. It’s like, hey, we got to make something tight or with intent. And even if people hate it, you have to make it a thing. So that’s what that was. And it’s a few more things coming with Converse. Uh, I mean, which is kind of obvious, I’m in a deal with them, but I was never into, like, doing sneak peeks or giving people previews before it’s out. It’s like, hey, it’s either done or not. But when people put snippets up of, like, you know, the 10-second song on Instagram just to test if people fuck with it because they don’t have enough confidence to put it out. That shit was always just gross to me. 

Well that’s great. I love Call Me If You Get Lost, by the way.
Thank you. What’s your favorite song?

“Runitup.” I listen to that when I’m running upstairs during my workouts. “Massa.” “Wilshire.” So many. So congrats. And thank you for caring.
No, thank you so much. I think that’s the most important thing. I just want people to start caring more about the shit that they really love and be geeks about it and share that information. I get mocked a lot because of how I’m into details, like, “This is track seven, and those chords, blah, blah.” But because I care is why I’m still here. Because I give a fuck about those details. And it’s so many people that are geeks about things that they want to share, but they don’t want to look like that geek guy. They want to be cool and shit. No, the coolest shit is giving me a random fact about this thing that you think I don’t give a fuck about because you don’t know what parts of my brain that penetrates. I just hope that people hear this album and it just opens them up, pause, to want to geek out and treat the shit they like like it’s the illest shit. Treat that Casio watch like it’s a million-dollar Richard Mille. Ride around in that Honda Accord like it’s a muhfucking Lamborghini because they love that car. That’s why I’m rapping about, like, mint tea and Oreos and my little Fiat, because that’s the shit that penetrates my fucking dick. And I want people to get their dick penetrated by the shit that they love.