Trapstar’s growth in recent years has been pretty massive and now the London streetwear brand has its sights set on the rest of the world via a new tour entitled We Outside

The We Outside tour kicked off right here in London back in March when they connected with K-Trap and Blade Brown—both riding high on their recent Joints mixtape—to take over the streets of Soho in the West End, handing out wristbands and exclusive Trapstar camo trackies, before taking over the Dukes Cupboard store with skatewear designer Slawn.

Trapstar will now be taking the tour to a bunch of cities around the world where they’ll connect with homegrown music talent and a local store to make their mark on the city and bring exclusive collections to fans in that city. New York and Paris are both on the list of cities they’ll be hitting up later this year, but before all that they hit up the fashion mecca of all fashion meccas, Milan.

For this leg of the tour, Trapstar—alongside UK rap stars and friends of the brand, Blade Brown and Lancey Foux—flew to Italy (on a private jet) and linked up with local brand DROPOUT Milano and Italian rap talents Sfera Ebbesta and Russian, who also recently collaborated on a mixtape together.

There, they celebrated Trapstar’s new Italiano capsule collection—a new batch of four t-shirts, two hoodies, and a cap—and gave those lucky enough to get wristbands exclusive access to the new items, as well as introducing a new line of puffer jackets, t-shirts, tracksuits, and more.

Check out Trapstar’s site for the latest drops and scroll through for a visual recap of what went down in Milan…