Aired: 1994-1995

Though it only aired for one season, My So-Called Life presaged the era of prestige television and its mix of reality and theatricality. The main story dealt with the day-to-day dealings of the glum teenageer Angela Chase and her orbit of friends, but later came to encompass her entire world, including her parents and their lives and relationships. In addition to its searingly real presentation of the ambiguities of adolescence, it captured the awkward beauty of those years when one begins to tell the story of themselves through clothes. Angela wore moody, grunge-tinted dresses and clunky boots, and looked warily out behind her dyed-red hair, while her gay friend Ricki—a landmark portrayal of an LGBT character—wore make-up. To this day, many a girl is happy to admit what an inspiration Angela was, both then and now.