Evidently even Dubai, a city I thought was literally dripping in wealth, has been hit hard by the economic downturn. And by "hit hard," I mean rich motherfuckers are abandoning their cars to avoid defaulting on their loans. Defaulting or even bouncing a check is a criminal offense in Dubai, so mad people are just driving their cars to the airport or wherever and leaving them there indefinitely before skipping town. If this was popping off in Detroit that would mean a ton of Grand Marquis and a whole bunch of other strugglemobiles, but since this is Dubai we're talking about, that means Ferrari Enzos and every other car mentioned in a rap song in the last 5 years. Supercars are literally sitting around, collecting dust on the street. Who wants to fly to Dubai with me to buy some Range Rovers and 911s on the low low? It’ll be like a sample sale, my dudes!

This is totally fucking crazy, right? But before you get a schadenfreude boner, remember these cars still represent crushed dreams, broken promises and the sickening feeling that comes with the realization that what you had was the result of living way beyond your means, no matter how baller those means may have seemed at one point.

There can’t be a better possible reification of the excess and thoughtlessness of the worldwide financial bubble than a bunch of lonely luxury cars littering even lonelier fancy streets and facades. I can’t wait until a bunch of photographers start taking high definition shots of this shit because maybe, just maybe, then they'll stop coming to Detroit to take pictures of the American Dream’s corpse.