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Buchanan says that Travis and his team were very hands-on throughout the entire process from taste-testing flavors to finalizing the can design and providing input on the cardboard cut-outs that will be placed in retail stores. While Buchanan says that due to Covid-19 protocols much of the process was handled via Zoom, a recent teaser video also shows Travis paying a visit to the Los Angeles factory responsible for making CACTI. In the video he pulls samples off of the rapidly moving conveyor belt and sips each flavor.

“We really are co-creating the brand. This wasn’t a brand that existed that we then said, ‘Okay, Travis, will you sponsor it?’ It’s literally co-creating the logo together. How do we want the cans to feel, do we want the matte finish? Do we want the tabs to look a certain way? So really taking him through all of that and making sure him and his team can make decisions with him around those elements,” says Buchanan. “I can tell you, we talk to each other probably every hour with [his manager] David [Stromberg] and his entire team.”