Well, it’s time. Time to pull the sweaters out of their summer hiding place, put away the sandals, and get to layering, because fall is here. Recently, many of the traditional menswear rules have gone out the window—people wore corduroy all summer, for example—so Saks teamed up with basketball star Tyrese Maxey to provide some guidance on autumnal fashion. 

You might know Saks as the place you’ve gone to buy a special-occasion piece, but the retailer also has sneakers, and other essentials you need to add a little bit of luxury to your regular rotation, as well as a lot of denim options. Shopping on their app is a breeze, too. Check out some of Saks’ fashion picks for Maxey, and find some inspiration to keep your closet warm and stylish this fall. Whether you’re dressing to impress or simply out for a walk to peep the foliage, Saks’ autumnal selects won’t leave you hanging.