So I’ve heard you talk about like your first pair of Js that you got growing up. Is there a similar story with the first fitted that you got when you were growing up?
Yeah. I remember my first fitted. It was all red with a black brim, an Atlanta Hawks Pac-Man logo hat. It was my favorite hat. That and I had a Cincinnati Reds hat that me and Takeoff took this picture up under the tree and we had big oversized clothes on. And that right there went viral. So them two was my favorite hats.

There’s a big wave around fitted hats right now. Are you excited that now you get to say that you got to add your own spin to it and you have your own collab coming out? 
Most definitely. I’m proud to be a part of the fitted family. I love fitteds. We all love fitteds. They always come back in style. I’m just proud to be a part of the Lids family and create some. I can I had a fitted hat in Lids one day. I did that.

You’ve been going crazy with the sneaker purchases recently too, but are you going just as crazy with the fitteds right now? I see like you, Offset, and Takeoff always rocking the Lord Fubu and the Jon Stan customs and stuff like that. Are you going super hard on the fitted collection right now?
Yeah, fa sho. We love the fitteds. It’s doing something special to the outfit. It’s the drip. Like I said, we grew up rocking fitteds. When the snapbacks came in, we have dreads, so it was kind of tough. You had to unbutton the snaps just to rock it. So once the fitteds came back we were like, ‘Okay, cool. We finna take this and run with it.’

Growing up in Atlanta, is it cool that now you can say you have your own Braves cap? Cause like you said, it’s such a symbol of the city. It represents more than just that team now.
Yeah, most definitely, man. The Braves hats been going before me, before I was even born. So just to be a part of that legacy, a part of the Atlanta legacy, and tradition, and the culture is a blessing. Migos being at the forefront of the culture, it’s the perfect marriage. It’s only right. And I’m thankful for it.

Quavo x Lids x New Era 59Fifty Atlanta Braves 5
Image via Lids

Were you looking up to some of those Atlanta artists back in the day that became known for rocking the Atlanta hats?
Outkast. I fell in love with the Braves hat when I seen Andre 3000 wearing it.

To that point, every city has it’s signature style. Like New York has Timberland boots, and Yankees hats, and stuff like that. What do you consider Atlanta’s signature style or signature items?
Atlanta signature items, you gotta have a Braves hat of course, and you gotta put some jewelry on. I think a fitted cap and some jewelry is the best thing. Cause it’s hot down there in Atlanta. We may go shirt off, some jewelry, fitted cap, and some fresh jeans. You know what I’m saying? With some 5 Js. 

Obviously you’re someone that cares about how they are getting dressed. Are there any brands in particular that you’re messing with right now?
Them boys out there. What LORDFUBU is doing with them hats, I like it. I’ve been rocking with him for a little while. That’s pretty much it.

When you first came into to the rap game, you were all about the designer, all Versace and stuff like that. But your style has evolved a lot. Can you just sort of talk about how your taste in clothes has evolved throughout your career?
I feel like we (the Migos) look good in anything, you know what I mean? We some well-dressed brothas, bro. Anything we put on, we gonna put that shit on. We gonna drip it to the death. Our horizons are big when it comes to clothes and fashion.