Following the reveal of a new shirt paying tribute to Pop Smoke included in Travis Scott and Kim Jones’ Dior Men's 2022 collection in Paris, Pop’s brother, Obasi Jackson, shared his thoughts and how his family is grateful that Travis and Dior are keeping his brother’s memory alive.

“Me personally, I definitely appreciate the love that he [Travis Scott] is trying to create around Pop, and definitely with his music coming out, his new album on the rise, I definitely appreciate that he’s trying to push forward in this time,” Obasi shared in an interview with TMZ.

While Travis and Dior shared the final version of the tee, which depicts Pop’s face on a white canvas, to the family, Obasi also said that he wishes they could have been more involved with the process of making it.

“I think the only thing is that we want to be a little more included on it, but we definitely love what was going on,” he said. “We definitely would love to meet these people that are showing love for him.”

Also included in Dior’s Summer 2022 Men’s collection were pieces that all had different variants of Travis’ Cactus Jack logo meshed with Dior’s. Obasi also emphasized how happy he is that Dior is continuing to keep Pop’s memory alive.

“I think it means a lot. I think that you can see more, hopefully, in the future concerning Pop and the Dior collab,” he said. “I think that’s never going to die, it’s never going to clear.”

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