A lot of you out there reading this probably didn't give a shit about fashion or menswear in 2003. But a lot of what we know about fashion today can be traced back to this period of time when most us, myself included, were downloading porn on Kazaa. For instance, take this parachute bomber from Raf Simons's S/S 03 collection that someone is selling on eBay for 10 stacks. This collection is largely heralded as one of Raf's best, as well as one of the most influential in terms of what we accept as fashion's current mix between streetwear and high-fashion. Titled "Consumed," the offering not only featured this insano S&M bomber, but a number of graphic-printed items from hoodies to tees to proper shirts, each of which focused on some vague idea of consumerism, but, more importantly, looked super fucking awesome. This same seller is also offloading a few pieces from Raf's F/W 03 Peter Saville-inspired collection, which is most famous for inspiring a generation of fuccbois in Joy Division tees, while people like me continue to search the Internet daily for this New Order fishtail parka.