There is no ruler to measure swag, no test to diagnose hypebeast levels, no scale to weigh amount of fucks given when it comes to NBA fashion. Case in point, Sir Tim Duncan — arguably the best power forward to ever step on the hardwood, inarguably the most careless dresser to put ink to a multimillion-dollar contract. Tangible measurements such as production on the court or money in the bank have shown to have zero correlation with style. With this in mind, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do the proper research.

The analysis of the WHOLE roster, top to bottom, was the key factor in our study. Neither the consistent class of Dwyane Wade nor the high-fashion elitism of Russell Westbrook alone are enough to boost their respective teams to the top of the NBA chic-standings. The most stylish teams in the league happen to be just that — teams. We found that not only do the stars on these particular rosters take it upon themselves to groom properly on game days and beyond, but the role players and towel wavers also contribute flavor of their own.

We conducted a deep dive into pre- and post-game ensembles, along with a meticulous plunge into the depths of social media pages. All of this to reveal what we’ve all been wondering — whose IG pages do I need to creep on to discover the inspiration for my next fit? Or better yet, which teams are the most stylish in the NBA? Hereafter, no doubt will remain.