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Angel City Football Club (ACFC), Los Angeles professional women’s soccer team, has revealed the team’s official crest and colors.

The unveiling marks a key milestone in the team’s path to taking the pitch next year as part of the National Women’s Soccer League.

“In this great city known for its endless sunsets and legendary stars, our visual identity had to pay homage to these important Los Angeles symbols, yet also signal what Angel City stands for—a more equitable future for all,” Julie Uhrman, founder president of ACFC, said in a press release.

The main element of the crest, the angel, is meant to signify Angel City’s mission of being a “positive light in the soccer world” and in its Los Angeles communities. Other details include the 12 feathers of the plume reflecting a sense of togetherness that’s needed to succeed in the soccer universe, with 11 designed to represent the players on the field and the 12th intended as a nod to the idea of the “12th individual.”

“We stand on the shoulders of giants, forging a path of change, impact, and excellence,” Kayla Green, head of marketing for ACFC, said. “Our brand identity and crest are representative of everything we believe in. They are a visual reminder to the world that we must never stop challenging the status quo in our unwavering pursuit of equity.”

A new merch collection featuring the crest has also been launched and is available now via the Angel City site. Below, get a closer look at the crest, as well as Hana Asano-photographed shots of pieces from the merch collection.