Lil Durk took to his Instagram story on Tuesday to issue a warning to anyone buying jewelry. 

“Stop buying all this jewelry without knowing what you doing,” he wrote on his Story. “Alot of the shit fake and some is over priced.” Durk added that anyone in the market for a new piece should, “get 1 jeweler and stick to em I’m telling you y’all ass gone be pissed when the truth come out.”

While it’s unclear what inspired Durk’s recent PSA, the “Laugh Now, Cry Later” MC also used his Instagram Story to heap praise on Drake, who currently holds 9 out of the top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100. “THE REAL GOAT,” Durk wrote with a screenshot of the Billboard chart. “NOT NO CAP GOAT.” The No. 7 spot on the chart went to Drizzy’s track “In The Bible,” which features Durk as well as Giveon

In the song, Durk gives his girlfriend India Royale a much-deserved shoutout. 

“India Royale cosmetic, I’m just promotin’ my bitch/Drake song do a billion streams for sure, I’m just promotin’ her shit/Nasty with it, take her to Sono Bello and get her some massive titties,” he raps in the song. 

Drizzy and Durk also linked for “Laugh Now Cry Later,” a track that was nominated for two Grammys.