I know you had some Dope$oul jewelry made for yourself. Who does your pieces? 
Shout out to my boy, Ken Jen out in LA, Fenom and Co., he used to work under Ben Baller and he started his own brand. Gabby Elan, he makes the teeth. I’m actually finna go pull up on him right after this to get this Dope$oul tooth that I got from him. Jason of Beverly Hills, he’s been solid since day one. Rafaello and Co., Avianne, Alex Moss, that’s pretty much it, man. Fenom and Co. has made all my custom pieces. As far as GIA certified diamonds, I show love to everybody.

I have one hoops question for you. I know you’re in Charlotte now, a young squad with yourself and LaMelo and Miles Bridges and everyone else there. I saw you guys were running the other day. There was a clip that surfaced. Are you excited for what you guys can put together for the regular season and just what’s to come from that new era?
I’m ecstatic, bro. I’m ready to just go out and have fun with these guys. I don’t want to speak on it too much. But at the end of the day, I know for a fact what we’re capable of doing, but we can’t do that unless we put one foot in front of the other and remain humble. It’s a young, energetic team, swaggy team, we’re going to have the energy. We’re going to have the waves, the swag, let’s get the wins now. That’s the goal, right? So I’m happy as hell to be in Charlotte. It’s going to be fun.