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What’s the next step for Yeezy Gap? Well, nobody really knows. All we know for sure is that there will certainly be more clothing for us to buy. A 10-year contract that is valued at nearly $1 billion guarantees that. But we also know how Kanye works these days. Hard dates aren’t part of his rollout plan. We will get more Yeezy Gap whenever we get it. Chances are, it will be similar to today’s drop, and we won’t know until the link is tweeted to the masses and breaks the internet for a few minutes. 

What we can say is that Yeezy Gap could single handedly reinvigorate Gap’s reputation and introduce it to a new generation. It wouldn’t be the first time Yeezy has legitimized a brand for a bigger audience. Just look no further than his Adidas Yeezy line, which saw nearly $1.7 billion in revenue in 2020, and instantly had plenty of people positioning the Three Stripes directly next to its main competitor located in Beaverton, Oregon for a number of years. Let’s just hope the second wave of Yeezy Gap items drops sooner rather than later. A puffer jacket is cool, but it’s scorching hot outside right now. We want some items we can wear immediately, at the very least a hoodie to rock with some shorts, not something we need to stash in our closet for a few months until the temperatures start to dip back down again.

Where you can see the Yeezy Gap Jacket projected on buildings:  

New York: New Museum; 7 2nd Avenue; 142 Spring Street; 184 Wythe Avenue
Los Angeles: Grammy Museum; Grand Central Market; Vine Street – Walk of Fame; 8340 Sunset Boulevard
Chicago: 1601 N Milwaukee Avenue; 1453 N Milwaukee Avenue; 2053 Division Street; 2113 Sangamon Street