The year started on a sour note for stylist and personal shopper Michelle Lovelace, who goes by Meech. In early January, Instagram shut down her account, @stylebymeech, which had over 100K followers, claiming IP infringement. Following that, a bunch of fake pages popped up in her name and started scamming people out of money.  

“I wasn’t even gonna make a new page. But I was like, let me start over just to show people that I’m not gonna give up,” says Lovelace, who started a new account, @meechthestylist, and has since been in touch with the FBI about the fake pages. “Part of this kind of tarnished my name,” said Lovelace on an IG Live.

Lovelace still doesn’t have her page back, but in late January someone from Kanye West’s team, who she sold a pair of shoes to before, reached out with an opportunity that would more than restore her credibility over IG. The team said he needed some Birkin bags. Initially, the number he requested almost made Lovelace pass out, but she immediately got to work and started sourcing different options and sending pictures to the team. 

West only liked one of the bags she sent, a rare Birkin 25 with rose gold hardware made of ostrich leather, which would be for Julia Fox. Lovelace thought that would be it. But the next day she heard back from his team requesting her to find four more Birkin 25 bags that either came in Togo or Epsom leather, which are less expensive than Fox’s ostrich leather style.

“All of a sudden I was in a group chat with different people and they were saying how big this is for him and we need to get this done no matter what it takes. I was sweating,” says Lovelace.