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IN-HOUSE—billed as an inclusive and community-first marketplace with an exclusive network of tastemakers—has launched.

The platform launched with more than 20 labels, all centered around streetwear and athleisurewear. The IN-HOUSE portfolio will include notable names like Daniel Patrick, Taylor Gang, Riot Hit, Marc Jacques Burton, and more.

As co-founder and CEO Rob Lubin explained in a press release, the aim of IN-HOUSE is to provide consumers with the chance to both engage with the brands and tastemakers with whom they’re already familiar while simultaneously being introduced to new voices and potential future favorites.

“There are so many well-curated brands in the market that are backed by talented creatives,” Lubin said. “It was our vision to connect these brands by building out a world-class platform with incredible functionality. We intend to not only create a community of like-minded fashion-oriented individuals but also serve as a platform and a microphone for those brands to amplify their unique identities and creative point-of-view.”

IN-HOUSE was founded in 2020 by Lubin, president Maz Obuz, and CMO Tucker Radecki. The platform is designed to give consumers “the ultimate discovery experience” by combining easy navigation, visually striking original content, and more. New brands conceptualized and designed with “entertainer-centric tastemakers” will be featured in the IN-HOUSE “Originals” series.

“Everything we do integrates technology, culture, and influence to provide consumers with the best experience possible,” Obuz said. 

Get a closer look at what IN-HOUSE has to offer below. For the full experience, click here.