Sports jerseys cemented their place in pop culture years ago, thanks to people like Jay-Z, Dipset, Fabolous, and others rocking them like a uniform in the 2000s. It seemed like no jersey was off limits, as long as it could be coordinated with the right hat, a matching pair of kicks, and fit about four sizes too large.

For many, the aughts was the height of throwback jersey hysteria, but jerseys still have a place in many people’s wardrobes, and they aren’t just being worn to games. When you step out for the first summer barbecue, or you just want to support your favorite player the next time you leave the house, remember that throwbacks still turn heads. 

Mitchell & Ness still reigns supreme as the throwback jersey authority, but other options have arisen. Some prefer the nostalgia of rocking vintage Champion NBA jerseys from the ‘90s instead. There are also a handful of companies producing replicas these days that nod to iconic jerseys in pop culture history, such as Will Smith’s Bel-Air Academy jersey from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or the Mighty Ducks jerseys worn by the squad in the popular Disney franchise. 

Whether you copped that new LeBron Lakers jersey or just spent $200+ for that Michael Jordan Bulls throwback, you might be in search of some inspiration on how to rock it. Take a look at how some of our favorite celebs have styled their jerseys over the years below.—Mike DeStefano