Based out of a betting parlour-turned-skincare laboratory in the seaside town of Margate, Hæckels has become somewhat of a staple in the UK, and has since gone on to become a favourite amongst thousands of beauty lovers around the globe. 

Launching in 2012, the eco-conscious skincare brand, which describes itself as a “an amplifier of the natural world”, takes its name from the famed marine botanist Ernst Haeckel and is the brainchild behind some of the most innovative beauty launches in recent years, including bio-contributing mycelium packaging, prebiotic face masks, and odour-eating mushroom and kelp deodorant.

Having received substantial investment from the Estée Lauder Companies just six months ago, now the brand has announced the details for its “most progressive” launch yet.  

Dubbed Hæckels 2.0, the new roll out is presented across four brand pillars, offering fresh products and outlooks, and is set on putting its design, innovation and a clear aesthetic at its core.

“For Haeckels, this new identity represents ten years of hard-working pioneering new materials, new science and new sustainability credentials,” Charlie Vickery, Haeckels Managing Director explains.

“During this time, we’ve attracted the top talent in the industry who have been hard at work creating something truly remarkable. 2.0 represents a cumulative vision for the future, a line in the sand for all to follow. It represents a unified future where sustainability and design can sing harmoniously whilst re-focussing on science.”

What’s more, the launch will also coincide with two new skincare offerings, the Prebiotic Cleansing Balm—a gentle, microbiome-friendly facial cleansing balm rich in sterols, ceramides and adaptive prebiotics—and the game changing Eco Marine Cream which has been treated to a new lightweight formula for summer. 

In addition to the product launch, the UK-based beauty brand has also announced the launch of a new retail experience at Haeckels House Hackney, which has been revamped into a unique experiential retail concept with a new way to shop, as well as an immersive fragrance area downstairs.

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