Gunna will always be a fashion icon for his fans.

The Atlanta rapper’s mugshot was released following his arrest this week, where he’s seen wearing a black hoodie by the brand LaRopa. Now, sales for the sweatshirt have surged, TMZ reports, with a rep for the clothing brand revealing that there was a 15 percent spike on Wednesday and then a 24 percent spike on Thursday.

The brand isn’t part of Gunna’s portfolio but it has proven to be popular with celebrities, like Playboi Carti, Bella Hadid, and Young Thug.

Both Thug and Gunna were arrested and booked on RICO charges this week in Fulton County. The pair are among 28 people named in a 56-county indictment, which alleges that the “Young Slime Life” members are a gang. Among those also indicted are rappers YSL Duke, Yak Gotti, and Unfoonk.

Gunna, himself, has been charged with one count of conspiring to violate RICO, and was listed in at least five counts of the indictment, including being accused of committing the felony offenses of possession of methamphetamine, marijuana, and hydrocodone with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Elsewhere, he was named in the counts for theft by receiving stolen property.

The state is claiming Gunna has ties to YSL via evidence of him wearing YSL chains and sharing social media posts that promoted YSL.