Location: Norfolk, UK

What appears to be Banksy's oldest known work, Fragile Silence, is one of his most impressive. The story dates back 15 years ago, where a couple who owned a mobile trailer gave permission to Banksy to paint their home in exchange for two tickets to the Glastonbury Festival. The couple, Maeve Neal and Nathan Welland, claim to have known Banksy for over a decade. The parents of four made an attempt in 2008 to sell the mobile artwork after it was appraised at roughly half a million dollars but would later sell for close to a million.

When Banksy asked the couple to use their trailer, he said he needed a large white canvas. The final outcome was a huge 30-foot mural featuring a contrast of black and green colors. The work shows soldiers arriving on land by way of boats and features illustrations of audio equipment inside of the soldiers' boats.

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